Accounts Helper

Automatically fill out your congregation accounts forms!
S26, S30, S44, & TO62

Never re-type redundant information again!

As the congregation accounts servant, you know that most of the information is duplicated between the S30 and the S26/S44. We can help!

Simply enter the basic data for each of your contribution receipts, deposits, etc., and let us automatically populate all of the PDFs.

We keep a consistent format & layout based on the branch's samples & instructions.

Your Kingdom Hall's records will be clean, accurate, & neat. The brother doing the audit will thank you; the circuit overseer will thank you.

Both Congregation Accounts and Operating Accounts are supported!

Calculated For You

No need to add any numbers yourself

We accurately fill every required box - even subcategories on the S30 Accounts Report.

World Wide Work

We add up what you need to send to the branch.

Clean, Simple, Accurate, Fast

Doing the monthly congregation accounts has never been this easy


Detailed Dashboard

All monthly account information is quick to enter, save, and review in our clean online dashboard.

View graphs and summaries of the congregation accounts over time.

Auto Totals

Amounts are automatically summed as you work.

Never manually add up the Worldwide Work contributions again!

Checkbook Ledger

No need to keep track of a separate bank ledger. We automatically update the checkbook ledger as you work.


Full Translation & PDF support for:
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Georgian, Russian, Romanian

PDF support for:
Armenian, Chinese Mandarin (Simplified), Chinese Mandarin (Traditional), Dutch, French, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Swahili, Vietnamese

Finish the accounts faster than ever

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